Karman Vortex

by Angelina Yershova

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The metaphorical impressions that the word 'Vortex' conjures up may well draw the intrigued listener to undertake a 'sonic inquiry' on the 'Kármán vortex street effect' phenomenon. In fluid dynamics, a 'Kármán vortex street' is a repeating pattern of swirling vortices caused by the unsteady separation of flow of a fluid around blunt bodies, causing them to vibrate. If the vortex shedding frequency is similar to the natural frequency of a body, it causes resonance.

The compositional idea of the "Kármán Vortex" album lies in the interaction between several sonic fields, imagined as an' experimental orchestra' where elements such as noises, pulses and vibrations blend together forming a rich and complex sonic tapestry. The shape of the opus evolves through a constant transformation
and timbric manipulation, and does without traditional elements as melody, harmony and rhythm. Rather, it reassesses and revaluates them by putting forward actions, shapes, weaves and 'energy vortices'. All these contribute to generate a sonic image.

The "Kármán Vortex" album is inspired by a collaboration with composer and Aeolian Harp maker Mario Bertoncini. The "Kármán Vortex" project was unveiled at the 50th Nuova Consonanza Festival in Rome (Italy) on November the 17th, 2013.


released April 12, 2014

Music by Angelina Yershova
Video & Graphic Design by Scual
Mastered at Twin Paradox Records Studio



all rights reserved


twinparadoxrecords Rome, Italy

TWIN PARADOX Records is a new independent label project that aims to search and produce experimental electronic music.
The original impulses that gave birth to the label are the quest for music full of mental atmospheres and sensations, and the desire to give space to new ideas.

The label's name suggests a reflection on the concept of time dilation.
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